Our Medevac service allows evacuating the injured, ill or patients who may require urgent care from rural or remote sites to a well-equipped health facility using medically equipped air ambulances, especially helicopters.

Falling ill or having an accident abroad can escalate health risks quite quickly. While initial treatment is carried out locally, most patients want to go home to receive further treatment in their home countries. In this case, a Medical Repatriation can be arranged.

Our Medical Transportation service allows transporting the patients to their desired location domestically, nationally or internationally, escorted by a medical professional making the travel journey safe and comfortable for the patient.

The transfer can be made via Land or Air Ambulances. Tarmac access and other related requirements are pre-arranged for a hassle-free transfer.

Sometimes travelling to a hospital to seek medical advice may be difficult due to various reasons such as, age factor, health condition or simply transportation issues.

Our Homecare (Dr. on wheel) service allows you to seek medical assistance at the comfort of your home. A Doctor, Nurse and/or Physiotherapist may visit the patient’s home providing treatment, medications and performing investigations as required. This service is becoming increasingly popular with our geriatric’s population.