Being miles away from civilization with numerous staff at your work location, lack of prompt access to healthcare may pose a threat to the workforce in case of any emergency.

Our Innovative Remote Area Clinics (RAC) program was carefully designed to meet your healthcare needs and alter the odds. Our Paramedics, Emergency Medicine Technicians (EMTs) and Emergency Medicine Consultants will provide you with high quality and cost effective care regardless of your harsh environment to promote and enhance your operation.

24/7 on-site Healthcare coverage and Ambulance support
Pre employment programs
Emergency Medical Services, Urgent care and Injury care
Immunization programs
Prevention programs: to minimize on the job injuries and off work times
Infection control programs
On-call Medical Support and Assistance
IPoint of care laboratory and Radiology tests
On-call Medical Support and Assistance
Disaster Management
On-site Periodic, Pre-employment and Annual Checkups
Tele-medicine facilities
Health and Safety Assessments
Occupational Psychiatric Support