Basic Disaster Care Course - Details

Registration for this event is open from: 30 Nov, 2014 06:00 - 31 Dec, 2014 06:00
Where: Twareat Medical Center | مركز طوارئيات الطبي , Al Khobar (KS).

Al Fanar Mall, 2nd Floor, Al Khobar, KSA

Tel: +966 13 858 7000

Date: 23 Dec, 2014 - 23 Dec, 2014
Time: 16:00 - 21:00
Event description:

More life’s to save

Since early ages, humanity was challenged with increasing number of man made disasters, naturally occurring disasters, chemical incidents, residential and school fires and many more tragedies that became an ongoing fact of our life and may be the new norm for emergency medical services.

Disaster preparedness, recovery and disaster relief programs although makes a good hidden portion of disaster care commonly, but in Saudi we have many more mass gathering events than any other country of similar size i.e. HAJJ, desert camping, holiday events, soccer games along with VIP events, all of which do make disaster medicine a new science with variable domains.

Accidents and disaster do share common skins; both are depressing, both are terrifying. While stress and lack of training plays a major rule in provider’s performance, evidence did show us time after time that adequate training and education do enhance provider’s capability to handle stressful situations.

We often do see patients with major trauma and cardiac arrest, we all were panicking initially but we felt and performed better after simple life support courses (BLS, ACLS and ATLS). In disaster medicine, we do not only save one life but we save many.

We developed a Five hours enriched clinical course that covers all essential basic aspect of disaster medicine. . The targeted audience will include all health care provider irrespective of their speciality or training.

The course was based on an up to date, evidence-based materials that were critically analyzed. The sessions are made interactive with an electronic poll support along with an electronically modulated disaster drill.

We do agree that no course alone will be enough to practice disaster medicine, but ongoing continuous disaster education and drills will sharpen up and maintain clinical disaster skills. By completing this level candidate may continue toward advanced disaster care course, the decontamination course and disaster-planning course.

Life is precious; start saving life's.


Intended  for  ALL Health care providers.


Pre requisite

  1. Practicing health care provider.

  2. Web based browsing tool “Laptop, I pad or any smart phone”.



One-day course.

Topics and objective:

  1. Disaster medicine introduction
    Is an interactive power point presentation that outlines disaster medicine essence and HOW to APPROACH any disaster in ten minutes.

  2. Naturally occurring disaster
    In this talk we will discuss the essential types of naturally occurring disasters and how to manage them in a basic way.

  3. Chemical disaster
    Dhahran is the main industrial city in the eastern province; this presentation will describe clinical syndromes that associate with chemical exposure and how to handle them safely.

  4. Radiological disasters
    Will you hold an alpha Radio active particles ,what is acute radiation sickness and many more details about radiological exposures and how to handle them.


Candidate’s number:

Minimum of eighteen and maximum thirty-two. .

To successfully complete the course the candidate must

  1. Attend ALL the sessions.

  2. Complete a pre test.

  3. Actively participate on the sessions by answering electronic poll.

  4. Passing performance on the exercise.

  5. Passing score on the posttest.

  6. Remediation will be done after the course.