Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Remote area healthcare work for TMC involves providing medical care and services to Aramco employees and contractor staff in remote and medically underserved regions in Saudi Arabia, where access to healthcare is limited. It typically involves staying in remote industrial locations and operating an already established clinic or setting up and operating a temporary medical facility for Aramco and contractor staff. Providing emergency and basic medical care for day-to-day illnesses and being medical first responders in the event of a disaster, remote area healthcare workers must be able to work in challenging environments and adapt to changing conditions, as well as being knowledgeable in a range of medical procedures and treatment.

All nursing candidates applying for a position with TMC on one of the remote area healthcare projects are required to have a minimum of a Diploma or BSc/BA Nursing; be currently registered and licensed to practice nursing in their home country; have a minimum of three years post registration experience including at least two years working in and emergency room (ER), intensive care unit (ICU) or Industrial Clinic. Candidates must be able to provide DataFlow verification of their diploma or degree; their initial and current home country registration and/or license and their certificates of employment clearly indicating the area in which they gained their experience and the length of time spent in each area.

Any additional professional medical qualifications you have are an advantage however when recruited, TMC shall provide you with four weeks’ basic remote healthcare practitioner training leading to the award of certificates in Basic Life Support (BLS); Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS). In addition you will receive a further eight weeks of mentor led training in a project facility covering basic pre-hospital nursing skills and project clinic, policy and procedural orientation.

When employed by TMC you will be working with and alongside a team of qualified medical practitioners of many nationalities including staff recruited from the Philippines; Egypt; India; UK; Pakistan and others. Your colleagues are Physicians; Nurses (Charge Nurses, Senior Staff Nurses and Staff Nurses); Pharmacists; Laboratory and Radiology Technicians; Paramedics and a supporting clinic staff of Clerks; Clerk Drivers and Ambulance Drivers.

TMC is contracted to provide remote area healthcare for more than 100 industrial and oil & gas facilities throughout Saudi Arabia: from Tanajib to Jizan and from Yanbu to Shaybah. Google maps has such locations indicated. TMC also provides healthcare to many offshore oil and gas facilities in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea.

All TMC remote area staff are supported by a team of experience supervisors, who advise on administrative matters and a team of experienced educators (On-Job-Trainers or OJTs) who provide further training in each facility. In addition online training is provided by a team of educators and supervisors based in Khobar. Further day-to-day support is provided by a team of physicians and supervisors, on-call 24 hours a day. Operational support is provided by TMC’s office based support staff including: Clerks; Transportation Coordinators; Supplies Coordinators; a Medical Director and Project Manager. Additional support is provided by TMC’s HR, Finance, Legal and Procurement departments and TMC’s senior management.

Staff working in remote area facilities for TMC are scheduled to work a maximum of twelve hours per day and shall rotate between day and night shifts. Any hours over eight hours per day shall be calculated as overtime.

TMC offers a minimum salary package, including all benefits and overtime, when working twelve hours per day, in the region of US$ 1,900 per month paid in Saudi Riyals.

Accommodation and transport are provided free of charge by TMC.

All nursing staff are initially employed by TMC as Staff Nurses. Staff with the appropriate qualifications and experience can apply for or will be promoted to Senior Staff Nurses, Charge Nurses, Supervisors or OJTs.

You can apply on-line via our TMC website ( or via one of our partner agencies in your home country. For a list of agents please contact TMC’s Recruitment Officer,